If I grew up in Segovia, I don’t think I’de ever be able to leave. We were there for one afternoon, literally just for lunch and a little touring around, and the city captured my heart. Being in Segovia was like being in the set of a movie! Every little nook and cranny was so beautiful, even the little imperfections looked like they were planned. Two of my favourite features of Segovia are the carousel and the castle; I know, I’m such little girl. The reason why I love the carousel is it has a spaceship that rises up and “leaves the carousel” allowing the child riding in it to see the city from a higher perspective. How cool is that?! 

And the castle? Well they it’s the real life Cinderella castle so my inner child died and went to heaven. As we walked and photographed the alleys of the city, I asked my dad “How could anyone in this city find anywhere else in the world more beautiful?” and he replied “Well, that’s why some of them never leave.” I mean, if you had the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Cinderella castle in your backyard, would you ever wanna live anywhere else?? I know I wouldn’t!