📍Itaewon, Seoul


Wanna know the foolproof recipe of how to be late for a Coldplay concert?

11 fashion-conscious individuals, preferably supportive friends who wont stop until they get the right shot 

50leven Instagram stories

1 roof deck with an amazing view

1 perfectly golden sunset, and of course

2 cameras and all available iPhones

One by one, each of us walked out of our assigned bedrooms to share the one and only semi full length mirror in the living room, asking each other “is this cute,” or “ do I look okay?” And one by one, each of us walked back into our bedrooms to make whatever last minute outfit adjustments we could before rushing off to watch Coldplay. Well, rushing off to see Coldplay quickly turned from one group photo to about 30 minutes of selfies, solo shots, more group photos and a bunch of sunset appreciation snaps. To be fair, by "late for a Coldplay concert" I mean we listened to the first song right at the gates, so it wasn't so bad. NO RAGRETS!

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