Walk This Way

When it comes to the matters of the clutter in Manila, people can’t help but go straight to blaming the government. Although it is safe to say that some issues are connected to the lack of discipline and proper guidance from the government, Carlos Celdran took us back to the roots of the Filipino which taught me more about our culture and the effects of our past than I ever expected. In the hope of not completely spoiling the tour for you (the photos probably did that already but you should really go and experience it for yourself) I won’t be sharing too much about our Walk This Way tour experience, except for how it made me feel.

I had been to Intramuros so many times before this tour but I never experienced it the way I did this time. I previously wrote that Intramuros was a good way for me to escape the classroom walls and a great place to run around with friends and family, but this trip was nothing like that. In the past when I went on school tours and family visits, I rarely really listened to the tour guide. I was way too amused by the fact that we were in a really “old place” to actually stop and understand its role in our culture and history. The theatrical tour of Carlos Celdran changed all of that. It was like everything I had ever read about Philippine history came to life through this amazing story-teller. Every time he took us to the next “station” I felt like a child waiting through a commercial break for the continuation of my favourite show. I now have a higher appreciation for Intramuros, a greater understanding of why Manila is how it is, and a longing for what it could have been and could (hopefully) someday become, and for that I am forever grateful to Carlos Celdran.   



*Make sure you wear comfortable clothes – think about the heat, possible rain, and a lot of walking

*Don’t forget to bring: water, camera, & an umbrella (you never know)