Thrice In A Lifetime

I could start this post by pointing out the obvious and stating how happy I am for the lovely couple and by going on and on about how beautiful the weddings were, or I could be completely candid and tell you why I am so happy these two decided to tie the knot thrice. I feel that the latter option will make a much more interesting story, so I’ll go with that one. My brother is not perfect; neither is Tricia. I mean, really who is? Right? We’re all far from it. But when you put two works in progress from two completely different worlds together, you’re either going to come up with something toxic or something intoxicating.

When my brother first moved to the States, he was at his lowest of lows. He wasn’t eating properly, wasn’t going out of his way to talk to the family, and he just wasn’t moving on from the fact that his life in Manila was not the life he was living in Florida. As time went by though, he adapted and things got better but obviously, something was missing. When he came home for Christmas that year, he and I had a lengthy talk about how he was doing and where he wanted his life to go. He told me that he knew he would end up marrying the next girl he dated; he felt it. Not more than two weeks later I started getting photos and videos on viber of her. He was in love. You have to understand, he didn’t exactly have the best track record so it was hard for me to take him seriously. To make this not-so-long story short, the next thing I knew she was sleeping in our home (he was in the States) mending a broken heart over the death of one of her best friends. She instantly became family. So we had her in our house and him on Skype and when he got home that summer, he had a ring.

The engagement was crazy. At one point the downs were coming a lot more than the ups; there were family fights, sibling rivalries, insecurities and uncertainties. But you know what, despite all of that, they got married in Vegas, Tagaytay, AND Boracay, which leads me to believe that God allowed everything to happen for a reason. For my brother Gab and my new sister Tricia, I hope for not only a happy marriage, but a strong one able to withstand whatever curveballs come their way.