Seoul Tower

📍 Namsan Seoul Tower, Seoul

Here are a few photos I completely forgot about from our trip to the Namsan Seoul Tower. Our third day in Korea was so beautiful, it was the best day to just get lost, so we spent most of our time binge eating street food in Myeong-dong and making our way to the cable cars of the tower. Word of advice, either enjoy the street food or walk up the hill to the ticket booth, not both. 😂  "Hiking" to the ticket booth was a bit of a struggle. It was pretty fun going through the streets together and hoping we were going in the right direction though. And at one point we even found ourselves in a street wear boutique so the walk was quite worth it! I also feel like the cable car ride and the view at the top wouldn’t have felt as rewarding if we had just taken the bus. Being welcomed by cherry blossoms and the view of Seoul was just breathtaking. I had never seen cherry blossoms up close before and it was my first time in Korea so to see the whole city from up there, to be surrounded by all these different people from all over the world who were just lying around, enjoying the weather, taking photos… it was just such a wonderful environment. My cousin Timo and I even lost the group at one point because we were so overwhelmed, we took about 100075783 pictures for ever inch that we’d move. If you’re ever in Seoul, make sure you make time for this. That was such a great day, I can’t wait to go back.