Gallery Girl

Spending the afternoon in the National Portrait Gallery was the best part of my whole week. Upon being invited by a friend to the Audrey Hepburn exhibit at the gallery, I immediately committed to the occasion – I’ve been a fan of Audrey for as long as I can recall. I remember the first time my mother made me watch Breakfast At Tiffany’s and My Fair Lady and Funny Face. Audrey instantly became the woman I aspired to be; beautiful, strong, classy, elegant, I could go on and on because she is such a spectacular woman. The movies Breakfast At Tiffany’s, Sabrina, and How To Steal A Million are actually what drove me to look at styles and trends from the past that subsequently inspired some of the outfits I’ve designed. Unfortunately but expectedly, we were not allowed to take photos within the exhibit.

Following the exhibit, we went on to view what else the gallery had to offer. I especially loved the portraits of the tudors and how they were all displayed. I fell in love with the portraits and their fixtures, the lighting and the colours of each room, artists drawing and trying to replicate different portraits. At one point violinists even started to play and at that moment I felt I was transported back in time. There was just a different atmosphere inside the gallery as compared to that of the rest of the city. My friend and I both couldn’t help but take photos enjoying the gallery and zooming in on all the intricate little details. It was a great afternoon indeed, and I’ve already planned which museum I will be exploring next!

|Topshop top, Zara skirt, Urban Outfitters sandals, BCBG bangle|

Photos by Clarice Yu & me