Nagsasa Cove

On New Year’s Eve, as I reflected on my past year, I realised that there was so much more I could have done with my free time after graduating. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t regret anything that happened in 2014 because it was wonderful, I just feel like I could have pushed myself to do more. As 2015 rolled in and I went about my usual bumming ways, I made a decision to put an end to unproductive days. I’ve made goals for myself for each month of the year and hopefully (with a little help from my friends) I keep myself on track.  One thing I promised myself I would do this is year is to travel and I decided that while I have not acquired a full-time job, the smartest thing to do would be to start with our own country!

There is so much beauty in this country and I realised that further when we got on the boat to Nagsasa Cove, Zambales. The boat ride alone was such a pleasant experience, what with all the rock formations and islands on the way to our destination. Of course when we got there we did not want to waste any time so we (well, the boys) set up camp, got settled in, and prepared ourselves for the hike to Nagsasa falls. I am not going to lie, the hike was tiring BUT only because I am not exactly fit at the moment. I’m sure it would be so much easier for someone who works out regularly. It also wasn’t too tiring and draggy because the sights leading to the waterfall are just so beautiful. We had our music, great company, and a gorgeous island so we were perfectly fine. Upon reaching the waterfall, it wasn’t as big as we had expected but it was still totally worth it. One by one my friends and I jumped into the refreshing pool of water and just savoured the little time we spent there.

We each spent Php 1000 for a night in Nagsasa cove – food included- and a day in Capones cove. You guys really should look into it if you’re hoping to go on a budget friendly adventure with your friends!