Merger noun coalition, connection, unification, fusion; a merging of two things into one

What better way is there to merge two crazy families from absolutely two different worlds, than by forcing them all to go on holiday together. One crazy family is enough; put two together and you’re undoubtedly in for a ride. That’s exactly what we got when we went to Boracay for my brother and his wife’s Love Celebration. For those of you who’ve heard about it but haven’t fully understood what it was, it was a way for kuya Gab and Tricia to spread the love on their important day. Instead of making it just about them, they invited other couples to renew their vows alongside them. Determined not to make the singles feel out of place, they were prayed over to either find the one in God’s perfect time or to healthily manage their ongoing relationships. As the ceremony folded and the reception took place, we all slowly and perfectly blended together and the rest is family history. Through this trip (and marriage) I made so many new lifetime-friends, a new cousin-in-crime, 4 crazy older brothers, 6 amazing older sisters and a new set of parents. It truly was the most spectacular time I have ever had in Boracay. I could go on and tell you a very detailed story of our trip, but instead I’ll leave you and these photos to your imagination.