Love At First Step


On our first morning in Spain, the family decided it would be the perfect time to get some rest. After travelling from Manila to Switzerland to Spain in a matter of 3-4 days, it was about time we had some. Thankfully, our room had a balcony that allowed us to still enjoy the ambiance of our location without having to leave. We could even hear the street performers from our tanning beds! It was a beautiful morning in Spain without a single cloud in the sky, and so I decided to take advantage of that heat by sun baking and sharing a couple of drinks with my mom. 

As I walked through the streets of Madrid, I was shocked with how I instantly fell in love with the city.  We walked from Plaza de Santa Ana to Puerto del Sol and finally Plaza Mayor. My mom, my aunt and I spent our afternoon checking out different street shops, people watching, and of course we had to make time for Chocolateria San Gines and Libreria San Gines. I’m kicking myself, trying not to dramatize things but wow. Most amazing chocolate everrrr! I was dipping those churros in the chocolate like it was the first time I had ever had chocolate in my life. I was so captivated by the city that the next day I started touring my dad around as if I had mastered the streets. It was a great first day and the perfect way to be introduced to Madrid.