Coldplay In Korea

📍Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul

Coldplay has always held a special place in my heart. In my younger years, Coldplay was pretty much the soundtrack to most bonding moments with my brothers. I remember how car rides, game nights, afternoons catching up and just bumming on the couch were all usually accompanied by Coldplay blasting in the background. As I entered my teen years, I grew up with their music. For every kilig moment and every heartbreak, Coldplay had something for me to listen and relate to. Watching them live was just so overwhelming. I teared at the start of every song, completely lost it when they performed The Scientist, Fix You and Charlie Brown, and felt like I was dreaming every time the wristbands lit up or confetti rained over the crowd. The cherry on top of the whole experience was that I was able to watch them not only with some of my best friends, but also with my two younger cousins, Timo and Donny. That night will live with me forever. And although they didn't perform my favourite song, Lovers In Japan, it’s a night I would never do differently. It was just perfect. 


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