Ian Scott Kettle

My class with Ian Scott Kelley wrapped up last Friday and I can honestly say that it was the best class I have ever taken. Ian pushed us past what we all already knew and helped us become innovative thinkers and designers. Although I had already learned most of what he was teaching us, I reached a whole new understanding of the design and creative process, and how to add narrative and conversation to the fashion industry. Some of my favourite exercises and activities included wearable geometry with guest lecturer Rentaro, doing primary research and using our images to create a story, improving our fashion drawing, fabric hunting, and visiting his design studio. Throughout the class he urged us to try new methods and drop whatever was holding us back from further experimentation. He is the kind of teacher that encourages questions, making mistakes and learning from them. In addition to being a great tutor, he was also an all around funny guy who always managed to leave our class laughing and having a great time. Everyday in Ian’s classroom I learned something new about the fashion industry and about myself, but there were two things he said that stuck to me the most – “Bad lines are better than no lines at all.” and “It’s always about the journey, not the destination.” With that great advice in mind, I finished the class feeling incredibly fulfilled yet wanting more at the same time.

Thank you Ian for being such an exceptional teacher! Your class truly was a great experience and the highlight of my London trip.