Getchu a girlfrand

After the day Lauren and I had in Sofitel, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to go back to simple ball preparations. On March 27, Mega Magazine celebrated their silver year with yet another impeccable gala and I was lucky enough to spend the whole day getting ready with one of my favourite mga friends

This is how our day went - 

Lunch in Spiral (the excitement was real for cheese and halo-halo)

Hot tub, sauna, steam room and massage in Le Spa

Glam time with our glam teams

The Mega Silver Gala

By the time we were ready to get our makeup done, we were relaxed and rejuvenated (and our pores! Our pores were perfect). Of course, because it’s Lauren and me, when the food meant to be for our teams rolled into the room, we both just needed to have our fair share - thus the photos. It was great. 

Lauren! Guuurl, that day wouldn’t have been half as amazing if you weren’t there with me. I'm so happy we got to spend that time together. Love you girlfraaand!