Escaping To California

If there’s anywhere in the world I’ve been to more than my own home it’s California. I have never been to America without actually making a stop in Cali to see my family and friends. In my younger years, California was my escape from reality. It was my way of leaving school to tour and travel with my dad, and my way of bonding with my cousins. This trip was different; this trip was for work. We had not more than one day to catch up with friends and family and that was undoubtedly tough for my brother and I. However, driving from city to city, show to show with the band and the crew was a great experience. Of course, nothing will ever compare to the thrill of jumping on stage and singing to a crowd of Filipinos who live abroad and truly appreciate what we do. So, here it is, my one week trip to California in photos: walking the streets of Solvang, finding a Nordstrom in the middle of I-don’t-remember-where-I-was, and backstage at our first show in Chumash. There is, however, one event I left out of these photos because it deserves its own post: the ultimate Warner Brothers Studios experience. Oh, California, you never cease to surprise me. Next stop? EUROPE.