El Rastro

You’d think that growing up in a tropical country would mean that heat would no longer bother me, but Madrid brought the heat and I loved it! I don’t know what it was, maybe it was the lack of humidity or the lack of the lower temperatures we were expecting, but I was completely fine feeling hot on our sunny Sunday in Madrid.

Our one and only Sunday in the beautiful city was not only the day of our show but it was also Mother’s Day! That morning we all peeled ourselves out of bed for a celebratory brunch for my mom and my brother’s mother-in-law, and followed it up by walking to El Rastro. Yup, we spent the hottest part of the day making our way through Madrid’s largest open air flea market and honestly, I have no regrets (except that I wasn’t able to take that many photos). Being the last minute type of person that I am, I waited until this very moment in time to find my mom a present for her special day. It wasn’t long ’til I found something I knew she would like, then I saw another thing and another thing; the market was a maze I gladly got lost in. But it wasn’t just the different products that were being sold that caught my attention, it was the people selling them, the people buying them and the entertainers! Just so many different personalities walking about, enjoying their day just as we were. 

The highlight of it all was the crown and necklace maker Sam and I found and had the pleasure of meeting. I will not share his name because I’m a selfish woman and I only want his precious crowns for myself… fine, his name is Manuel but that’s all you’re getting. This man literally placed all these different crowns on our heads and called us princesses and queens as we tried them on! I mean, talk about getting in character! It was just such a lovely experience meeting people at his stall and even getting advice from them on which crown or tiara to take home. In the end I brought home one of the simplest little tiaras he had made and I’m happy I did. He even picked it out for me himself. What a guy! I’m already dreaming of the day I get to contact him and buy that first crown I tried on! 

Dearest readers, if any of you know him and feel the need to share his name… please don’t. Let’s just keep him a secret! (I’m joking but not really)

|Zara top, overcoat & espadrilles. Forever 21 skirt. H&M bag. Ray Ban sunglass|