After School Special

In the hopes of keeping my mind off the fact that I would be ending another short course and saying goodbye to newly found friends, I decided to ditch the jumpers and jeans today… As to why I thought that would make me feel any better, I really don’t know. Nevertheless, I was excited to throw on my new skirt and boots gifted by my mom. Recently I’ve been leaning towards longer hemlines, which I have no problem with at all, but I’m sure we all know how challenging it is to walk whilst wearing a skirt that ends either right above the knee or right below it. Luckily, this lovely denim skirt zips up as well as down, giving me the option of loosening it up when needed. Quite the practical piece! 

|Miss Selfridge top and jumper, Zara  trench coat, & Other Stories skirt and boots, Fiorelli tote, H&M belt|

Photos by Julz Savard