Wanderland 2015

April 25, 2015 marked the day we all pursued happiness. Year after year, the Wanderland team continues to impress as they bring together some of the most talented people locally and internationally known. This year they definitely did not disappoint. As I kick myself wondering how on earth I could have missed these photos in my library, I can’t help but remember what an amazing day ’n’ nite my friends and I had. With a line up of local artists that included the likes of CRWN, Sinyma & Kate Torralba, to the international set of guests - RAC, Augustana, The Jungle Giants, Lewis Watson, Youngblood Hawke and of course, KID CUDI - how on earth would we not have one of our best nights ever? Although this greeting is coming 2 months late, congratulations to the whole team behind Wanderland 2015! I’m already feverishly excited for what you’re all going to come up with next year!