Mega Millennials


Since I’ve already loaded this entry with a ton of photos, I’m going to keep this short and simple. The day we shot the Mega Millennial issue of Mega was without a doubt one of the most hectic, most tiring and most fun and fulfilling work days I’ve ever had. I’ve been friends with a few members of the Mega team for a while now so it was great to be working with people I feel comfortable with and trust. Of course, working with some of my closest friends and my boyfriend was just the cherry on top of it all. What could have been a very stressful experience was instead an unforgettable day, with each of us cheering on the others behind the cameras and in our dressing buses (yup. Dressing buses, not dressing rooms). It's been a couple of months since then, but I just want to thank everyone who was involved in this shoot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting my friends and me. You guys did it!! And to my friends… WE MAAADDEEE IITTTT!


All photos shot with Fujifilm X-A3

Seoul Tower

📍 Namsan Seoul Tower, Seoul

Here are a few photos I completely forgot about from our trip to the Namsan Seoul Tower. Our third day in Korea was so beautiful, it was the best day to just get lost, so we spent most of our time binge eating street food in Myeong-dong and making our way to the cable cars of the tower. Word of advice, either enjoy the street food or walk up the hill to the ticket booth, not both. 😂  "Hiking" to the ticket booth was a bit of a struggle. It was pretty fun going through the streets together and hoping we were going in the right direction though. And at one point we even found ourselves in a street wear boutique so the walk was quite worth it! I also feel like the cable car ride and the view at the top wouldn’t have felt as rewarding if we had just taken the bus. Being welcomed by cherry blossoms and the view of Seoul was just breathtaking. I had never seen cherry blossoms up close before and it was my first time in Korea so to see the whole city from up there, to be surrounded by all these different people from all over the world who were just lying around, enjoying the weather, taking photos… it was just such a wonderful environment. My cousin Timo and I even lost the group at one point because we were so overwhelmed, we took about 100075783 pictures for ever inch that we’d move. If you’re ever in Seoul, make sure you make time for this. That was such a great day, I can’t wait to go back. 


Coldplay In Korea

📍Jamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul

Coldplay has always held a special place in my heart. In my younger years, Coldplay was pretty much the soundtrack to most bonding moments with my brothers. I remember how car rides, game nights, afternoons catching up and just bumming on the couch were all usually accompanied by Coldplay blasting in the background. As I entered my teen years, I grew up with their music. For every kilig moment and every heartbreak, Coldplay had something for me to listen and relate to. Watching them live was just so overwhelming. I teared at the start of every song, completely lost it when they performed The Scientist, Fix You and Charlie Brown, and felt like I was dreaming every time the wristbands lit up or confetti rained over the crowd. The cherry on top of the whole experience was that I was able to watch them not only with some of my best friends, but also with my two younger cousins, Timo and Donny. That night will live with me forever. And although they didn't perform my favourite song, Lovers In Japan, it’s a night I would never do differently. It was just perfect. 


Mobile Photos


📍Itaewon, Seoul


Wanna know the foolproof recipe of how to be late for a Coldplay concert?

11 fashion-conscious individuals, preferably supportive friends who wont stop until they get the right shot 

50leven Instagram stories

1 roof deck with an amazing view

1 perfectly golden sunset, and of course

2 cameras and all available iPhones

One by one, each of us walked out of our assigned bedrooms to share the one and only semi full length mirror in the living room, asking each other “is this cute,” or “ do I look okay?” And one by one, each of us walked back into our bedrooms to make whatever last minute outfit adjustments we could before rushing off to watch Coldplay. Well, rushing off to see Coldplay quickly turned from one group photo to about 30 minutes of selfies, solo shots, more group photos and a bunch of sunset appreciation snaps. To be fair, by "late for a Coldplay concert" I mean we listened to the first song right at the gates, so it wasn't so bad. NO RAGRETS!

Mobile Photos

Getchu a girlfrand

After the day Lauren and I had in Sofitel, I don’t think I’m ever going to be able to go back to simple ball preparations. On March 27, Mega Magazine celebrated their silver year with yet another impeccable gala and I was lucky enough to spend the whole day getting ready with one of my favourite mga friends

This is how our day went - 

Lunch in Spiral (the excitement was real for cheese and halo-halo)

Hot tub, sauna, steam room and massage in Le Spa

Glam time with our glam teams

The Mega Silver Gala

By the time we were ready to get our makeup done, we were relaxed and rejuvenated (and our pores! Our pores were perfect). Of course, because it’s Lauren and me, when the food meant to be for our teams rolled into the room, we both just needed to have our fair share - thus the photos. It was great. 

Lauren! Guuurl, that day wouldn’t have been half as amazing if you weren’t there with me. I'm so happy we got to spend that time together. Love you girlfraaand!